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You know high cholesterol and out-of-control blood sugar are two of the biggest health “destroyers”.
Too much “bad” LDL cholesterol clogs your arteries, restricts blood flow to your heart and brain and can trigger a deadly heart attack or stroke.
And high blood sugar increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke four-fold…damages your vision…wrecks your kidneys…and leads to numbing pain.
But you may not know about the shocking failure of popular “remedies’’
Cholesterol is waxy substance produced mainly in the liver, although most body cells can make it when necessary.

It is vital for health as it is used to make hormones, vitamin D, bile acids and cell membranes but there are two main types of cholesterol - good HDL cholesterol and bad LDL cholesterol.

Good HDL-cholesterol removes LDL-cholesterol from the circulation and transports it back to the liver for processing.

But bad cholesterol has been linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke.
For high cholesterol, you may have tried red yeast rice extract, oil, artichoke extract or statin drugs.

But the scientific proof behind most of these natural solutions is weak. Worse, many statin drugs may reduce your cholesterol but don’t reduce your risk of a heart attack – And thus mislead you with their ads.
For example, one statin drug claims it “reduces the risk of heart attack by 30%.” But the actual reduction of risk for those with heart disease is only 3%!

For elevated blood sugar, maybe you’ve tried green tea, psyllium fiber, CoQ10, ginseng, alpha lipoic acid… or one of the popular blood sugar drugs.

Yet many of these popular natural blood sugar solutions fall short, and new research exposes the shortcomings of so-called “can’t –miss” blood sugar drugs.
For example, a 2010 study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in which people with impaired blood sugar took a commonly prescribed blood sugar drug for five years. 
The results?
No reduction in the incidence of high blood sugar! None!
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  • Lower total cholesterol by 29%
  • Slash high triglycerides by 30%
  • Raise HDL “ good “ cholesterol by 40%
  • And it can do wonders to keep your arteries clear and your heart strong, too
What’s more, results like these were seen
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  • It also helps treat high blood pressure, painful menstrual periods, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), urinary tract infections (UTI), bladder infections, blood clots, sexual problems in men and insomnia!
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Niacin has the advantage of raising HDL (“good”) cholesterol and also lower triglycerides.
It has been shown to prevent the onset of cardiovascular condition and reduce symptoms of arthritis, improve memory and prevent insomnia or motion sickness.

The main goal of cholesterol treatment is to lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Niacin has the advantage of raising HDL (“good”) cholesterol much more than statins do.

It also lowers triglycerides, fats in the blood that can increase the risk of heart disease.

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, has been shown to improve cholesterol levels and prevent the onset of cardiovascular conditions.
In addition, levels of bad cholesterol drop modestly with niacin supplementation, while combating hardening of the arteries and demonstrating effectiveness in preventing heart attacks.

Recent studies have shown niacin's ability to actually reverse the signs of heart disease in affected individuals.
Niacin helps to lower levels of LDL cholesterol, often called "bad" cholesterol, in the body and raise levels of HDL, or "good," cholesterol.
Niacin, or vitamin B3, is also used to treat conditions like type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Niacin has also shown some promise in treating Alzheimer's disease and lowering the risk of a second heart attack in men who suffer from cardiovascular disease.

As a B vitamin, niacin works best with the other B vitamins to help the body turn nutrients into fuel.
I’ve never seen any other nutrient, herb, vitamin or super food deliver cholesterol–busting results like these.

And now, for the first time, you can experience the cholesterol-fighting power of Niacin in the new Cholesterol Control formula.

Even better, each daily serving (two capsules) includes a full clinical dosage of 50 mg of Niacin. 
But that’s not all this powerful new formula can do for you. Wait until you see what it can do for your blood sugar levels…
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Imagine elevated blood sugar,
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When I saw how powerfully Niacin could reduce dangerously high LDL cholesterol, I was impressed. But then I saw how it could also lower elevated blood sugar, and I was sold.

Never before have I seen a natural discovery that’s clinically proven to do so much good for both cholesterol AND blood sugar problems. Simply amazing!

Unique mechanisms of actions make this a superior cholesterol-beater.

If that’s not enough, the new Cholesterol Control formula also helps you balance and regulate your blood sugar with five other remarkable nutrients…

Break the curse of cholesterol misery with Cholesterol Control’s powerful formulation of Niacin and other natural ingredients…

If you’re struggling with your levels, you may be frustrated because:
  • Cholesterol problems run in your family – and you’re suffering, too.
  • No matter what foods you avoid, your levels aren’t getting better.
  • No longer a worry with the new Cholesterol Control formula.
As you’ve read, Cholesterol Control includes Niacin, clinically proven to beat cholesterol problems. But it doesn’t stop there.

Each daily serving also includes a unique blend of nature’s most powerful cholesterol fighting and high blood sugar-busting nutrients such as…
1. Policosanol:
The miracle extract from sugar canes that can lower your LDL levels by up to 30%!
Policosanol reduces several risk factors for cardiovascular disease including atherosclerosis, LDL oxidation, platelet aggregation, endothelial cell damage, and smooth muscle proliferation.

It also improves the symptoms of intermittent claudication, a painful condition caused by poor circulation in the legs.

A breakthrough article was published recently in the journal Alternative Medicine Review, covering the existing policosanol literature.

There have been 14 randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies with policosanol in such patients, and all 14 have shown positive results in all measures.
The trials lasted from 6 weeks to 2 years, with an average of 39 weeks (9 months). Dosages ranged from 2 to 40 mg/day but were predominantly in the range from 5 to 20 mg/day.
In all 14 trials, policosanol produced statistically significant decreases in TC and LDL.
In 13 of the trials, there were also statistically significant decreases in the LDL/HDL and TC/HDL.
Policosanol produced distinct improvements in all six of the measured or computed values in these studies.

Comparison of policosanol's effects with those of five prescription drugs widely used in the treatment of high cholesterol -

simvastatin, pravastatin, lovastatin, probucol, and acipimox - revealed that policosanol performed as well as or better than the drugs.

The author of the review article documents the evidence for the safety of this supplement, as well as the evidence showing that it typically produces even fewer side effects than the prevalent statin drugs.
Although policosanol may not taste sweet like sugar, its effects on our cholesterol levels are sweet indeed.

As we’ve seen, the most effective Policosanol, and the one used in the original research, is a natural supplement derived from sugar cane.

These well-designed policosanol research trials have included short and long-term, randomized, double-blind studies comparing policosanol to a placebo as well as double-blind comparative trials versus statin drugs.
Policosanol Lowers Cholesterol and LDL and Raises HDL
Policosanol is a natural supplement made from sugar cane, that is a cholesterol reducer. A review article published in the American Heart Journal reported that: “At doses of 10 to 20 mg per day,
  • Policosanol lowers total cholesterol by 17% to 21%,
  • Policosanol lowers LDL cholesterol by 21% to 29%, and
  • Policosanol raises HDL cholesterol by 8% to 15%.
As a cholesterol reducer, daily doses of 10 mg of policosanol have been shown to be equally effective in lowering total or LDL cholesterol as the same dose of simvastatin (Zocor) or pravastatin (Pravachol).

At dosages of up to 20 mg per day, policosanol is safe and well tolerated, as studies of >3 years of therapy indicate.”

The authors concluded that policosanol seems to be a very promising phytochemical alternative to classic lipid-lowering agents such as the statins and deserves further evaluation. 
Policosanol Inhibits Platelet Aggregation
Platelets are blood factors that adhere to damaged cells that line blood vessels and stick together (aggregate) to form a clot which acts to patch the damage.

After the injury has been repaired, the body releases substances designed to break down the clot.
In a healthy body, a balance is maintained between these opposing chemical messengers
"Blood-thinners" (which are also called anti-coagulants) are commonly prescribed for those at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Blood thinners are intended to prevent the formation of abnormal clots, which can detach from the vessel wall and cause a stroke or heart attack.

Anticoagulants such as Coumadin (Warfarin), and platelet aggregation inhibitors such as aspirin and Clopidogrel (Plavix) are often used to prevent these clots.

Policosanol has been shown to be an effective platelet aggregation inhibitor and may have some advantages over aspirin. In animal studies, policosanol significantly decreased the size of experimentally-induced venous thromboses.
Policosanol Relieves Intermittent Claudication
The term claudication is derived from the Latin word claudicare (to limp). Claudication is the feeling of muscle fatigue after a period of minimal exercise of an extremity.

The feeling may progress to a cramp-like pain, usually in the calf muscles, that is relieved by resting.

The predominant cause of intermittent claudication is blockage of the superficial femoral artery, secondary to arteriosclerosis. The severity of claudication is determined by the measuring the distance people are able to walk.
After six months of policosanol (10 mg twice daily), the distance patients were able to walk before becoming symptomatic increased from about 132 meters (baseline) to 205 meters.

In a second study, the distance increased from 125 meters to 201 meters. The second study continued for two years with a final distance increase to 333 meters.
2. Gugul Extract
The natural cholesterol balancer: 
Gugul has a remarkable ability to support balanced cholesterol levels. Gugul has also been shown to reduce the stickiness of platelets – another effect that lowers the risk of coronary artery disease.

Gugul works very effectively to purify blood, promoting healthy cholesterol levels and scraping toxins from the circulatory system. In addition, Gugul promotes supple arteries and tones the heart.
Gugul and Cholesterol
One double-blind trial found guggul extract similar to the drug Clofibrate which is used not only for lowering cholesterol and blood lipid levels generally, but for treating angina pectoris, blood sludging and diabetic neuropathy.
Clinical studies have indicated that guggulsterone affords marvelous cardioprotective benefits.
Cholesterol – Baylor College of Medicine in Houston found that the guggulsterone, the active ingredient in guggul extract, blocks the activity of a receptor in the liver’s cells called Farnesoid X Receptor (FXR).
Those on guggul also had a 12.7% decrease in LDL (“bad” cholesterol), a 12% decrease in triglycerides, and an 11.1% decrease in the total cholesterol ratio.

Forty heart disease patients participating in a 16-week study were given twice daily divided doses of 4.5 grams of guggul lipid.

They experienced a 21.75% decrease in blood fats (including LDL, VLDL, and triglycerides) and a 35% increase in “good cholesterol.” Guggul lipid also reduced platelet stickiness.

Gugul has a remarkable ability to support balanced cholesterol levels. In Ayurveda, different parts of plants are seen to work on different tissues in the body.
Guggul Gets At Triglycerides
Guggul contains resin, volatile oils, and gum. The extract isolates ketonic steroid compounds known as guggulsterones. These compounds have been shown to provide the cholesterol- and triglyceride-lowering actions noted for guggul.

Guggul significantly lowers serum triglycerides and cholesterol as well as LDL and VLDL cholesterols (the “bad” cholesterols). At the same time, it raises levels of HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol).
As antioxidants, guggulsterones keep LDL cholesterol from oxidizing, an action which protects against atherosclerosis.
Guggul has also been shown to reduce the stickiness of platelets—another effect that lowers the risk of coronary artery disease.

One double-blind trial found guggul extract similar to the drug clofibrate for lowering cholesterol levels.

Other clinical trials in India (using 1,500 mg of extract per day) have confirmed guggul extracts improve lipid levels in humans.
3. Plant Sterol Complex:
Your colon’s “best friend
Plant Sterols are a healthy, natural and convenient way to improve LDL cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. 

They are found naturally in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and grains. Plant sterol works to lower cholesterol by slowing its intestinal absorption.
No wonder natural health experts praise it…
Plant sterols were first noticed for their cholesterol lowering effects in the 1950’s, when they were taken from vegetable fats/oils and pine trees and analyzed for their effectiveness.

Plant sterol and stanols work to lower cholesterol by slowing its intestinal absorption. Sterol and stanols structurally resemble cholesterol, thus it interferes with cholesterol loading into the mixed micelles

(submicroscopic aggregation of molecules), and as a result, less cholesterol is absorbed by the body.
Through my research involving the cholesterol lowering effects of plant sterols and stanols, it is clear that plant sterols and stanols do help to lower LDL cholesterol in individuals.

Plant sterols have been proven safe by the FDA since the year 2000 and they are proven to be a healthy, natural and convenient way to improve LDL cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease in individuals.

The unique newly released Cholesterol Control formula also includes….
4. Cayenne Pepper
A recent study shows that capsaicin – the compound that gives hot peppers their burning taste – has been proven to lower triglycerides without statins’ side effects!

Thanks to capsaicin, cayenne pepper can be used to treat heart disease, fight cancer, clean the bloodstream and ward off diseases.

Cayenne pepper is also one of the strongest natural remedies used for improving lipid levels and decreases plaque build-up in the arteries.
Jalapenos, habaneros, chilies and other pepper varieties all contain capsaicin.
Research reported from the American Chemical Society found that capsaicin (capsaicinoids) lowered total serum cholesterol and triglycerides with HDL (good) cholesterol being unchanged.

Thanks to capsaicin, cayenne can be used to treat heart disease, fight cancer, clean the bloodstream and ward off diseases.
Although, it is primarily used for improving blood flow, there are other cayenne benefits, when it comes to heart disease.

Cayenne pepper is one of the strongest natural remedies used for improving lipid levels, next to garlic, dietary fiber and fish oil.

It can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, while preventing oxidation of LDL cholesterol and removing plaque from the arteries.

However, cayenne can also increase fibrinolytic activity and thereby prevent formation of blood clots which reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and atherosclerosis.
One fact on which all sides agree, when it comes to benefits of cayenne pepper, is it's ability to improve blood flow, thanks to capsaicin.
And the final superstar ingredient in our powerful Cholesterol Control formula is….
5. Garlic Powder
Garlic has a variety of useful purposes. It is known for the flavor it adds to foods, but garlic contains the chemical allicin, which has been shown to kill bacteria and fungi, and alleviate certain digestive disorders.
Garlic powder and whole garlic have been shown to strengthen the immune system and help fight cancer.
Garlic powder and raw garlic have a blood-thinning benefit -- which can help people who suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease.

It also lowers the clotting properties of blood. But the most notable attention garlic has received over recent years, is its usefulness in lowering cholesterol levels.

Research led by Dr Karin Ried of The University of Adelaide and the National Institute of Integrative Medicine has found garlic supplements can reduce cholesterol in those with elevated levels by 8 per cent.
Dr Ried said the 8 per cent reduction is ‘significant’ as it is associated with a 38 per cent decrease in the risk of coronary events for those who are over 50 years old.

“This research proves to be very exciting to the millions who suffer from high cholesterol, and shows that aged garlic extract could be a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceutical medication for many people,” she said.

Side effects to cholesterol-lowering medication are common and this is another instance where an effective natural alternative is well received,” said Dr Ried.
Bottom line: With the new Cholesterol Control formula, you get nature’s best and newest cholesterol fighting nutrients in one capsule.
But there’s even more that this new breakthrough natural formula can do for you as you’ll see…
Triumph over triglycerides! 
When it comes to medical “numbers,” most people focus on high cholesterol and elevated blood sugar. But you should not ignore high triglycerides. Here’s why:
Did you know that triglycerides are the form in which most fat exists in your body?
The problem is, if your triglyceride level goes too high, you put your heart and your health in grave danger. That’s because high triglycerides…
  • increase platelet aggregation in your arteries, substantially increasing your risk of a dangerous blood clot 
  • influence the expressions of genes linked to coronary artery disease
  • raise the risk of heart problems three-fold among those suffering from metabolic syndrome
  • cause poorer blood flow and impaired energy metabolism in heart tissue
Bottom line: High triglycerides are extremely dangerous and must be lowered.
Nothing I’ve seen solves more serious health problems than this amazing natural breakthrough formula.

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Here are a few answers to some other questions you might have:
What’s inside Cholesterol Control?
Check Out The 100 % Pure & Active Ingredients:
  • 50 mg of Niacin
  • 10 mg of Policosanol
  • 100 mg of Gugul Extract
  • 400 mg of Plant Sterol Complex
  • 50 mg of Cayenne Pepper, and
  • 50 mg of Garlic Powder
Absolutely Zero Fillers, Zero Binders, Zero Artificial Ingredients
When Should I Take Cholesterol Control?
Take one capsule in the morning, before breakfast… and one in the evening, before dinner. For best results take 20-30 min before your meal with an 8 oz. glass of water, or as directed by your physician.
How much is in each bottle?
Each bottle contains 60 Veggie capsules, which is a complete 30-day supply.
How long should I take Cholesterol Control?
Cholesterol Control is safe to take for as long as you need, to achieve and maintain your healthy cholesterol levels.
After I order, when will my package be shipped out?
Most packages are shipped out immediately (that same day), or the following day (latest), by U.S. First Class Mail usually…

Remember, there is no mail on Sundays and holidays, and mail is typically slower on Saturdays. In some cases, you’ll have a “RUSH” mailing order shipping option.
How long will it take to get my package delivered?
Typically, U.S. mail takes 3 to 5 business days to be delivered, anywhere in America. “RUSH” mailing order options are generally received in 1 to 2 days.
How is Cholesterol Control made?
We use a unique 11-Step Quality Assurance Manufacturing Process:

As soon as the raw extracts are received… they’re immediately placed in a sterile environment, until identification tests are completed.
That’s a fancy way of saying ANY new product that comes into the lab is completely separated from anything else, until scientific tests PROVE the raw material is “clean,” and is what it’s supposed to be.

If the material meets our standards, our Quality Control team then releases the material. After it’s released, the material is weighed out as specified in the formula.  Each weighing is double checked for accuracy.

 So when we say each serving includes 50 mg of Niacin… it’s easy for us to guarantee this because of all these procedures involved in our assembly process. Non-active ingredients are then added. The only non-active ingredient is, in this case, the veggie capsule that contains our maximum strength, cholesterol-fighting formula. This is all non-toxic, non-chemical, and harmless. In fact, whether you realize it or not, there are non-active ingredients in almost everything you eat, from jams to Jell-O, to peanut butter and crackers.

Then everything is double checked for accuracy so that a consistently even and reliable product is produced.
Next, the Quality Control Department reviews the supplement again at this point, to make sure the color and the consistency of the capsules, is acceptable.

Quality Control is also testing these capsules every half hour during this process. This assures consistency of the finished capsules, in weight, color, and quality.

The capsules are then cleaned to make sure they’re smooth and easy to swallow. Samples are then submitted to Quality Control for more laboratory tests. Quality Control performs MULTIPLE identification checks during this entire process.
Once each batch is approved, only then are products released and distributed to you.
Oh, and by the way… all these things are done in a state of the art quality control laboratory, FILLED with the most modern technology available for testing raw materials, and for assembling supplements in an untainted and sterile environment.

Here are just a few of the procedures performed in this laboratory:
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - which is the most advanced way of “seeing through” your products to validate their size and quality…
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography - This is a technique used to separate mixtures of compounds in analytical chemistry and biochemistry, to quantify the purity of the individual components …
Gas Chromatography - This is a highly refined process, first developed in the early 1900’s, that allows you to test the purity of a particular compound, and the relative amount of multiple compounds in a given mixture…
We also use an Ultra-Violet Spectrophotometer… an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer… V-Shell Power Blenders… Granulators (and drying equipment for wet granules), and… a Water Purification System with a production capacity of 10,000 gallons of United States Pharmacopeia grade water per day.

In plain and simple English, what this means is… there are literally several hundred thousand dollars worth of precision-made equipment used in the assembling of Cholesterol Control.

As you can see, there’s a reason why you might pay a few dollars more for our products.
This isn’t some cheap placebo made with “fillers” and tossed together in China or the Philippines, and then shipped over here inside a dingy container, on some rickety old tanker.

This is a state of the art process – and these machines run as flawlessly and as reliably as a Swiss watch.
Is it safe?
Yes. However, if you’re concerned about its safety for any particular health situation, please consult with your physician or a competent medical advisor who’s familiar with your situation, before taking, to be absolutely certain it is safe, for you.
Are there any side effects?
No, there are no known side effects… but again, if you have any concerns, please speak with a health care professional that is familiar with nutrition… 
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